1 cup of milk at room temperature  (approximately 150-200 ml)
3-5 spoons of sugar
50 ml of water
10 spoons of rice flour
2-3 cardamom (for flavor )
1 spoon of ghee
5 cashews, 5 raisins or any dry fruits of your choice


  1. Take a pan and put it on the stove on medium flame.
  2. Add 1 spoon of ghee into the pan
  3. Add cashews to the ghee and fry them till they turn a little golden color (you don’t have to wait till the ghee is heated. Once the ghee is melted, you can add the cashews to it. It will gradually cook in it.)
  4. Remove those fried cashews into a bowl and lower the flame.
  5. Add raisins to the ghee and remove them immediately after the puff up. (you can turn off the flame after frying the cashews and add these raisins to fry. That heat is in general enough to fry the raisins. This will avoid over cooking the raisins)
  6. Add sugar and cardamom to the ghee and add milk to it.
  7. Cook it for 2-3 minutes with occasional stirring and let the sugar melt.
  8. In a vessel or a glass add water and add rice flour to it little amount at a time. Do not add all the flour at once. While adding the flour, mix it in the water without forming any lumps. Mix all the flour in water.
  9. Once the sugar is melted, add the water with rice flour to it and stir thoroughly.
  10. Stir it for 30 seconds and turn off the flame.
  11. Serve it in a bowl by garnishing it with the fried dry fruits.